Already tried to apply the instructions given in Microsoft Knowledebase Article 926292 (FIX: When you query through a view that uses the ORDER BY clause in SQL Server 2008, the result is still returned in random order ) ?

a small step-by-step manual:

1. Get the latest cumulative update package for your platform
at the time I wrote this entry (2009-02-13) it is cumulative update package 3 (Build 10.00.1787) and can be found here.

After receiving the download-link (including the password), download the file and unpack it

2. Install the hotfix
guess you don't need instructions for double-clicking on an EXE-file and following the installation instructions... ;-)

Actions after you apply this hotfix
According to the KB Article "This hotfix introduces trace flag 168. After you apply this hotfix, you must enable trace flag 168. "

you can accomplish this by either
3a. Enable Trace flag 168 manually
Everytime you startup SQL-Server execute "DBCC TRACEON(168,-1)" against the instance.

3b. Enable Trace flag 168 permanently
open up 
     -> All Programs
     -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008
     -> Configuration Tools
     -> SQL Server Configuration Manager

Open the properties of the instance of SQL Server in this example "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)" and add ";-T168" at the end of the Startup Parameters

screenshot of the SQL-Server-Properties dialog

5. (Re-)Start SQLServer

6. Set the compatibility Level of the Database to SQL-Server 2000
screenshot of the Database-Properties dialog